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Fish meal is distinguished from other protein meals by the higher content of easily digestible protein, higher content of minerals and vitamins, almost all necessary trace elements are available including essential amino acids like lysine, tryptophan, methionine and histamine etc.

Fish meal is a fine powder obtained from cooking, drying and grinding raw fish. Fish meal is a rich protein source, and is used as an ingredient in feed stuffs in the aqua culture, poultry and dairy industries. We can guarantee 100% steam dried/processed and sterilized fish meal from the fresh stock produced and marketed by us with following specifications.

ITEMS                       SPECIFICATION 1       SPECIFICATION 2        SPECIFICATION 3


1. Protein - Min %           50%                             52%                               60%

2. Ash - Max %               20%                             18%                               16%

3. Fat - Max %                16%                             14%                               12%

4. Sand-Silica Max %      3.5%                            2.0%                              1.0%

5. Salt Max %                  2.5%                            2.0%                              1.5%

6. Digestibility- Min %       80%                            85%                                90%

7. NPN – Max%               0.8%                            0.6%                               0.4%

8. Moisture – Max %        11%                             10%                                10%

9. Chromium                     NIL                              NIL                                 NIL

10. Urea                            NIL                              NIL                                 NIL

11. Melamine                      -                                   -                                    NEGATIVE

12. Salmonella                  NEGATIVE                  NEGATIVE                       NEGATIVE  

13. E COLI                        NEGATIVE                  NEGATIVE                       NEGATIVE

NOTE: 100% Steam Dried and Pure Fish Meal will be supplied after confirmation of the order.

Texture:                Grinned, free flowing, no lumps, cakes or dust.
Colour:                 Light brown to tang brown.
Odor:                    Fresh, not musty, sour, ammonia or burned.
Contamination: No adulteration at all.

During the preparation of Fish Meal, we ensure best product specification, texture, physical appearance and chemical analysis to high standard value, to produce a best fish meal for poultry feed as an ingredient, result in to enhance the poultry feed quality. Complete detail will be provided on request.